What To Bring

Never been to an EJC before? We’ve compiled a checklist of useful items for you to bring to the site. If you have a phone plan from outside the EU, you should check what roaming charges you may incur.

Find the contact information for your embassy and register your travel plans with them if necessary (e.g Travel outside the Schengen zone, where there isn’t a wide variety of alternative options for getting home if air travel is shut).



      • COVID-19 self-tests and masks for public transport

      • Circus props and other training equipment

      • Tent, sleeping bag and a camping roll or other padding

      • Lighting

      • Pillow

      • Towels

      • Toiletries, including deodorant

      • Deodorant

      • Changes of clothes (Or some means to clean on-site)

      • Additional spare underwear and spare socks

      • Money for items such as food, alcohol and props

      • Identification and your EJC pre-registration number or print out – make sure that you have an ID (doesn’t need to be official) that matches the name on your EJC pre-registration, or else your processing may take longer.

      • Toothbrush & toothpaste

      • Water Bottle – all the taps are drinking water.

      • Clothes Pegs (for drying out your towel at the least – if it is breezy, your towel will blow away unless secured)

      • Personal Medications (and copies of any prescriptions)

      • Hair brush

      • Appropriate charger (and adapter if needed) for devices – an Irish/UK plug is three pronged.

      • Sun Protection: Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Sunglasses, Sun Hat, 

      • Wet weather gear: raincoat, umbrella, consider wellies or change of shoes

      • Travel Insurance

      • Also – charging cables – think about what you bring. USB C to C will be faster, but if you are travelling, there will be many more options to use USB A/B to connect to, so think about bringing different types of cables!

    Other Useful Items:


        • Bin Bags (for dirty clothes and rubbish)

        • Your Country’s Flag / Tent Identifier (e.g. banner, mascot, landmark)

        • Costume for the parade

        • Cooking Equipment – Check the website before travelling as they may be electric stoves in the cooking areas to minimise fire risk. 

        • Eating Utensils

        • Card and board games, other toys

        • Musical Instruments

        • Camera

        • Spare Batteries

        • Corkscrew and/or Bottle Opener or Multi-Tool

        • Notebook and Pencil (For workshops and contact details)

        • Duct Tape

        • Ear Plugs/Sleeping Mask

        • Toilet or Kitchen Roll

        • Power banks

        • Nail Clippers and/or Emery Board/Nail File / Scissors

        • Plasters

        • Hand Sanitizer

        • Warmer clothes for night-time if you get cold easily (check weather forecast before travelling, as may be required during the day also)

        • Hygiene products and grooming supplies

        • Bug repellent