Child Protection Policy

European Juggling Forty Five Ltd. undertake to provide a safe environment where the welfare of the young person is paramount. We will provide an experience where children/young people who participate in any aspect of the European Juggling Convention 2023, and specifically our Youth program, are treated with respect and care, and where their emotional, physical and mental safety is paramount. We will adhere to the recommendations of Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children (2011). This policy is targeted at all adults involved in our organisation. Parents of all participating children will be informed of policies and procedures. 

European Juggling Forty Five Ltd. encourages the following approach: 

Participation is voluntary 

All participants are treated equally 

All participants are listened to and respected 

Differences of culture, religion, sexual orientation are respected 

European Juggling Forty Five Ltd. will do its best to include young people with disabilities. 

The Code of Behaviour for Staff/Volunteers can be categorised under the following headings: 

Child-centred approach 

Good practice 

Inappropriate behaviour 

Physical contact 

Health and safety 

Child-Centred Approach 

• Treat all children and young people equally – do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status 

• Help create an environment of trust in which members feel comfortable, accepted and able to express themselves 

• Listen to and respect children and young people 

• Involve children and young people in decision-making, as appropriate 

• Provide encouragement, support and praise (regardless of ability) 

• Use appropriate language (physical and verbal) 

• Have fun and encourage a positive atmosphere 

• Offer constructive criticism when needed. All criticism should be constructive and not overly focused on any one individual 

• Treat all children and young people as individuals 

• Respect differences of ability, cultural background, religion, race and sexual orientation 

• Respect a child’s or young person’s personal space 

• Discuss boundaries on behaviour and related sanctions, as appropriate, with children and young people and their primary carers 

• Agree group ‘contract’ before beginning session 

• Encourage feedback and discussion from group 

• Use age-appropriate teaching aids and materials 

• Lead by example 

• Be aware of a child’s or young person’s limitations, due to for example a medical condition 

Good Practice 

• Be familiar with European Juggling Forty Five Ltd. policies and procedures including emergency procedures 

• Be inclusive of children and young people with disabilities 

• Plan and be sufficiently prepared, both mentally and physically 

• Encourage children and young people to report any bullying, concerns or worries 

• Observe appropriate dress and behaviour 

• Report and record any incidents and accidents 

• Keep parents informed of any issues that concern their children 

• Ensure proper supervision based on adequate ratios (one adult per group of ten plus one other adult) according to age, abilities and activities involved; observe appropriate gender balance 

• Don’t let a problem get out of control 

• Maintain awareness around language and comments made. If you think that something you said may have caused offence or upset, then try to address it in a sensitive manner 

• Be aware of a child’s/young person’s privacy and safety in relation to use of media e.g. photos in press and on social networking sites 

Inappropriate Behaviour 

• Avoid spending excessive amounts of time alone with children/young people 

• Don’t use or allow offensive or sexually suggestive physical and/or verbal language 

• Don’t single out a particular child/young person for unfair favouritism, criticism, ridicule, or unwelcome focus or attention 

• Don’t allow/engage in inappropriate touching of any form 

• Don’t hit or physically chastise children/young people 

Physical Contact 

• Seek consent of child/young person in relation to physical contact (except in an emergency or a dangerous situation). Resistance from the child should be respected 

• Avoid horseplay or inappropriate touch 

• Check with children/young people about their level of comfort when doing touch exercises 

• Let children/young people pair up with each other when doing activities requiring physical support/assistance 

• Physical contact will be in response to the need of the child/young person and not the need of the adult 

• Physical contact will be open and not secretive 

Health and Safety 

• Don’t leave children unattended or unsupervised. All children ages 12 and under should be supervised by their parent/guardian/other at all times

• Manage any dangerous materials 

• Provide a safe environment 

European Juggling Forty Five Ltd. Anti-bullying Code: 

Bullying is not acceptable behaviour 

Name calling is not tolerated 

No one suffers abuse of any nature 

No one is victimised 

Each participant is supported and listened to 

• If a workshop tutor becomes aware of an instance/allegation or has a suspicion of bullying, they should try to establish as many facts as possible, including who was involved, the presence of any witnesses, was it a once-off occurrence etc. 

• A written report should be kept. 

• All instances of bullying should be reported to the Youth Circus Coordinator. 

• If a case of bullying is confirmed, the workshop tutors will discuss the best approach. This will depend on the severity of the bullying, the ages of the perpetrator(s) and victim(s) among other factors. 

• The parents/ primary carers of both members will be informed 

• Once all these steps have been taken, a decision will be taken on disciplinary procedures for the perpetrator(s). 

• Tutors will emphasise the potential rewards should the behaviour of the perpetrator improve. 

Disciplinary Procedures 

• It may be felt in some cases that a verbal warning is sufficient. 

• Withdrawal of Opportunities. The member who has committed bullying may not be considered for a workshop or series of workshops, depending on the severity of the bullying and other relevant factors. 

Dealing with Challenging or Disruptive Behaviour 

European Juggling Forty Five Ltd. has put the following procedures in place when dealing with disruptive behaviour: 

• Tutors should always follow the agreed code of behaviour regardless of how frustrating a situation becomes. 

• More than one tutor should be present when dealing with an instance of disruptive behaviour. 

• A participant should be informed when they are in violation of the agreed group contract. 

• A written record of any serious incidents of disruptive behaviour will be filled out. 

• We are aware that a member may be displaying challenging behaviour as a result of issues at home/school or in other areas of their lives and will treat the young person with sensitivity. Tutors should be open to listening to a member expressing any concern. Tutors will report any concern should they have a serious concern about the young person’s welfare. 

Garda Vetting 

European Juggling Forty Five Ltd. is committed to ensuring that the selection of volunteers is open and transparent and at all times gives precedence to the safety and welfare of children/young people attending the event and Youth Program. European Juggling Forty Five Ltd. will ensure that volunteers are carefully selected to provide a safe environment for all children and young people, by observing the following principles: 

• Roles and responsibilities will be clearly defined 

• Candidates will be required to be Garda Vetted for all of the Youth Circus programs or the equivalent (access NI/ DBS in the UK) 

• Candidates will have a background in circus tutoring including youth circus 

• No person who would be deemed to constitute a ‘risk’ will be selected 

• ‘Risk’ would include: any child-related convictions, insufficient documentary evidence of identification, concealing information on one’s suitability to working with children 

Lost Children 

All children will be registered with a contact number upon arrival on site. Lost children will be escorted by a minimum of two stewards to the Info Point, where they will remain in the care of at least 2 appropriate members of the organising team until reunited with a parent or guardian. All radio users will be notified immediately in the event of a lost child situation, the parents/guardians will be contacted, and announcements describing the child will be made in all appropriate areas. The name of the child will not be announced.  

Youth Consent Forms 

The following form must be completed by all attendees under age 18: